It is an irony of our times that the general decline in postal services across the world was the same postal services upon which our stamp collecting hobby and philatelic interests were based upon.

With the current challenges faced in forwarding philatelic items across the world we provide the below methods in shipping items purchased from our site.  For the sake of simplicity we have subsidised most of these and, for hopefully the majority of orders, shipping will be free.

Total order value

South Africa


less than € 100

€ 5 via Postnet counter to counter1

€ 5 via global mail2

€ 100 - € 299

€ 10 via courier3

€ 30 via courier4

€ 300 - € 499

free via courier3

€ 30 via courier4

€ 500+

free via courier3

free via courier4

  1. Postnet to postnet normally result in delivery within 24 – 48 hours and is a safe measure of shipping.
  1. With global mail items are shipped to the United Kingdom from where it is entered into the normal postal system. Delivery can be anything between 5 – 21 working days and there is no tracking number.  Unfortunately we accept no responsibility for any items shipped via global mail.
  1. Via courier presents safe shipping and delivery normally within 24 hours.
  1. Delivery for international destinations is between 1 and 4 working days, dependent on relevant destination and represents a safe measure of shipping.

Naturally any collections from our offices in Port Elizabeth, any pre-arranged for personal delivery and any own courier arrangements will be free of charge.  All orders are carefully packed and dispatched on the same day whenever possible